Our Story

With over 30 years’ data management experience, WINR co-founders, Marcelo Ulvert and Malcolm Treanor have helped lead some of the world’s major companies spanning customer intelligence, lead generation, digital marketing, and enterprise research.

Over the last two decades, the duo developed an unwavering partnership. Together they founded two high-growth data businesses, forged enduring relationships, employed over 150 staff, and built an impressive track-record. In 2019, they launched their third successful start-up, WINR.

Thanks to their extensive experience and unique approach to business, Marcelo and Malcolm, hold decades-long relationships across employees, customers and partners that they continue to nurture today.

Our Team

People & Culture

Our Values


We take full responsibility for our actions and decisions. We own up when we screw up.


We care about the people and companies that we work with and prove it every day through integrity, responsibility and intense loyalty.


It’s a thing... it’s OUR thing...

Our Focus


We strive to be the best throughout our business.


To build a single access point to the world’s best data driven identity solutions.


To drive innovation that delivers value and fuels our progress.

Comfort in Compliance

WINR’s key focus is to deliver services that have passed the most robust compliance checks in line with the philosophy of Transparency, Compliance and Consent.

Our information security systems have been implemented to deliver an effective privacy and security program consistent with global data protection frameworks such as GDPR, CCPA and the Australian Privacy Act.

All our solutions are built and hosted on AWS to inherit the most comprehensive compliance controls available globally. AWS supports more security standards and compliance certifications than any other offering, helping customers satisfy compliance requirements for virtually every regulatory agency around the globe.

WINR’s European-based compliance team has extensive experience and industry-leading certification in
global privacy standards. Our robust systems and processes ensure compliance with the most recent
privacy regulations and data protection standards.

  • Comprehensive compliance audit and robust onboarding process for each data source.
  • Annual compliance audits through OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance.
  • Consultative approach to understanding the compliance requirements of emerging markets.

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