API Integration

The WINR Data API is a standard REST API, using JSON-encoded request bodies and responses and standard HTTP response codes.

Consumer Verification

This API method will attempt to match provided consumer data elements with the consumers in the WINR Data lake. The consumer data elements could include email, phone, name or address components. An example API query could be:

    "user": "sample", 
    "password": "abc123", 
    "country_code": "AU", 
    "first_name": "Scott",
    "phone": "0412345678",
    "postcode": "2060"

The API response will indicate if the consumer data matched any records in the WINR Data lake, the confidence level (strength) of the match and the number of distinct data sources that were matched. An example response could be:

    "status": "verified",
    "confidence_level": "10",
    "sources_count": "4"

Further Information:

WINR Data API v1.3.2

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