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WINR and Karlsgate amplify reach by 25%

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Higher match rates are pivotal for media owners aiming to secure larger media budgets and boost their ARPU. In a digital world that increasingly prioritises precise targeting and relevant user experiences, a robust data foundation can be a game-changer. WINR empowers publishers and media owners to supercharge their audience matching capabilities, enhancing addressability, capturing more significant media allocations, and optimising revenue. WINR and Karlsgate collaborated to demonstrate their ability to bridge the identity gap between a Big 5 Ad Agency and Top 100 Publisher.

Together, WINR’s global set of compliant, self-reported linkage profiles and Karlsgate’s proprietary stack delivered a 25% boost in addressability, translating to 25% more reach for the advertiser and potentially 25% more revenue for the publisher.

Marcelo Ulvert, CEO at WINR, said “The collaborative values we share with Karlsgate underpin many of our beliefs about the direction of privacy-first data-driven digital advertising. By working together to bridge the identity gap between agency and publisher we delivered better outcomes for both parties that prioritised compliance at the core.”

WINR’s legacy is strong and established. With over 30 years of experience in data integration, we’ve developed a global identity graph with a rich array of identifiers that aids publishers in overcoming the audience matching challenges prevalent in today’s digital ecosystem.

About Karlsgate

Karlsgate is a zero-trust-required data collaboration platform that links data without sharing copies. It empowers businesses to maximise the utility of their data by securely and confidently sharing insights, without revealing consumer identities.

Through the Karlsgate Identity Exchange and patent pending cryptoidentity technology, data owners across industries can share individual-level insights safely and efficiently without losing full custody of data. 

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