Winr Identity Resolution

Access a Cookieless Global Identity Graph

We enable the AdTech Industry to future-proof its global identity resolution and addressability strategies against cookie deprecation and increased Privacy regulation.

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The Company We Keep

With over 30 years of data management experience, WINR is the trusted partner of some of the world’s leading AdTech and FinTech companies:


Complete Your Identity Graph

WINR is bridging the gap between the online and offline world by creating a link between digital and terrestrial identifiers.

We help you connect people and households to their digital identifiers allowing you to backfill your identity graph supporting onboarding, targeting, and measurement on a global scale.

Use Cases

Working With WINR is Easy!

WINR provides you with a single access point to our international data consortium, a dynamic linkage repository of global, terrestrial identifiers.

These identifiers include a history of name variations, previous postal addresses, mobile numbers, multiple email addresses, IP addresses and DOB.

Our collaborations typically commence with a comprehensive data assessment. Once the value has been demonstrated the WINR linkage profile can be seamlessly integrated into your identity solution:

  1. Evaluate the identity data.
  2. Establish the proof points.
  3. Integrate WINR into your identity solution.

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