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Audience Acuity Scales Identity Graph with WINR

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Audience Acuity is among the first identity specialists to onboard WINR’s recently launched US identity graph. Through this new partnership, Audience Acuity can now leverage WINR to validate, extend and enrich their existing identities for increased match rates.

At the request of our foundation AdTech and FinTech clients WINR has, following the completion of a robust compliance process, onboarded one of the most comprehensive privacy-compliant US data sets available today.

Marcelo Ulvert, CEO at WINR, said “How to accurately identify consumers across channels in a privacy-focused, post-cookie era is a question on everyone’s mind. By choosing WINR to bridge the identity gap between the online and offline world, Audience Acuity can further enhance their identity solutions.”

About Audience Acuity

Audience Acuity is a leading identity management company specialising in linking and resolving fragmented consumer identities.

With a focus on privacy compliance and data integrity, Audience Acuity helps businesses enhance their customer engagement and improve marketing effectiveness through precise identity resolution.